5 tips to Make your Chinese Takeout at Home

Chinese-Takeout Boxes

We all have around a wide variety of our favorite gift packaging products. There are ribbons, tissue papers, net cloths, and other gift wraps to use. But the one that is an all-time favorite and we agree upon is the Chinese takeout boxes. Yes, you are right; they are versatile and straightforward to be loved and likes by all the people of different ages and gender. Here are five simple tips to make these cases at home.

Chinese takeout packaging Solution

  1. Let’s get the template of the bowl-like box:

We live in an environment where technology brings advancement in our lifestyle trends and changes values. Similarly, the food industry has gone under continuous changes in its packing techniques. The packaging has a powerful impact on the customers and their living standards. The wrapping of the food means you are protecting it from the environmental damage and delivering the real taste to your customers. Therefore keeping in mind these things, you can download the template as pdf files to get it printed from your home printer.

Choose the required size:

The sizes of these boxes are available in different sizes and fittings to choose from. Depending upon the product that you need to place inside them or the quantity, you can quickly determine the size. There are about four sizes of Chinese food takeout boxes to choose from! The smallest ranges from the ½ pint-size to the largest 2-quart size. They can be customized right into the size that fits your needs easily. The small Chinese takeout boxes are perfect to use as a party favor. Few chocolates and some candies can be added to them with a note of a ribbon that looks damn cute. The medium size can be used for multipurpose. They are very popular for the cookie exchange/swaps during the holidays. They can hold a not much, but enough amount of cookies and are the best option for the launch items such as salads and desserts. The larger one is about two quartz, which is the perfect choice for cupcakes, muffins, and pastries. They can be used as a giveaway at a birthday party, special events, and conventions/ seminars.

Chinese takeout Boxe

Trace and cut it out:

It is best to trace the template on the cardstock or matte photo paper. The paper would be too soft to hold the rigidness and may collapse the shape. The other thing you can do is print onto a regular office paper and then trace onto the card stock. Trace it with a felt-tip pen so the traced line can be easily cut and so not effects the size of the box. Simply use the scissors or a craft knife to cut around the boundaries and make it into the shape, cutting out all the extra bits of cardstock. Score along the lines with a ruler or a butter knife as it helps to work on a soft surface when you are scoring. Notching the lines make it easy to fold the box into the right shape and gives a neat look to the box.

Assemble them and fold them:

Time to assemble and fold this Chinese takeout. Use the glue or double-sided tape to the tabs. Make sure you crease the folds before so that it does not gives an untidy look and adheres to the exact structure. A glue stick works fine at this time. Now combine relevant pieces of the template to the other attachments. Make sure that you attach the right tab to the different part with the slot. Once you have glued all the four tabs, just press each tab into the other tab to make the form of the box. Once they come up into the shape, you can design and decor the outskirts of the box.

Ready to be served:

Tadaa! So finally, the box is ready to be used. But before you present it to someone, you can make it look attractive and more eye-catching by adding some spark of magic to it. They can be decorated for the special event with the ribbons, bows, and stickers. You can tie the spoon or fork at the side or top of the box. These packages can be imprinted with logos, custom design, and quotes like to enjoy your food, thank you before folding into your desired design. Their reusable property can be utilized by the customers at home for other storage purposes. They are convenient to take along for long traveling or carry lunch at the workplace. They are coated with the special coating inside, which means that whatever you put inside, it would not seep through the paperboard or look yucky. They are entirely oil-free and will not leave grease marks on your boxes.

 Hence these are the five exciting tips that would help you to make these boxes easily at home without a substantial investment.

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