6 Things to Consider before Buying a T-Shirt Printing Machine

6 Things to Consider before Buying a T-Shirt Printing Machine

 T-Shirt Printing Machine

You may usually see some letters, images, or designs printed over t-shirts. These are possible with the help of various t-shirt printing machines and different methods of t-shirt printing. For the purpose of t-shirt printing, t-shirt printing machines are available in the market.

Choosing a good t-shirt printing machine is not as easy as you think. Many factors should be taken into account before buying it. The tools you use in your business determine it’s a success. This is why you should be very conscious while purchasing the machine.

6 Things to Consider before Buying a T-Shirt Printing Machine

In this article, we will discuss the most important things to consider while buying a t-shirt printing machine.

  1. Consistency

One of the disadvantages of t-shirt printing machines is they are humanly operable. You must know the flexibility of the device before buying it. Some of the factors that can help you determine the consistency of the machine are:

  • Verified Micro registration system
  • Easily replaceable parts
  • Consistent registration of the print head

Measure your desired t-shirt printing machine on the above scales and decide which machine will be the most compatible for your business.

  1. Versatility

Before buying a t-shirt printing machine, you should be determined how many colors you want the machine to print. Sometimes the customer who buys the t-shirt printing machine later claims that the machine had been even better if it could print more colors. So before purchasing the machine, you should check it’s versatility according to your needs.

  1. Less space-consuming and movable

At the beginning of a business, you may get less order for t-shirt printing. To expand your business, you will have to take your t-shirt printing machine to various places to engage the people in the market. For this purpose, your t-shirt printing machine should be portable and less space-consuming.

This factor is valid only when you are just starting your business. But if you already have a good reach of people and back in the market, then you can directly go with the bigger t-shirt printing machine for large orders.

  1. Options of screen size

As already mentioned, you may get fewer orders at the beginning of your business, so a small screen size can get your work done. But as your business expands, you will start getting larger orders. In that case, the small screen size won’t get your job done.

Thus, you should choose a t-shirt printing machine that can work on both small screen and large screen size. This will make your t-shirt printing machine a long term friend with you.

  1. Pallet compatibility

This is a factor that plays a role in the long term. If you choose a t-shirt printing machine with the accessories and pallet that could match with other tools that you may buy when your business expands, then you could spend more on the press rather than on accessories.

  1. The durability of t-shirt printing machine

Another factor that everyone sees before buying a t-shirt printing machine is its durability. Nobody would want to buy a t-shirt printing machine that won’t last long. If a device is durable, that means the machine is of good quality. So choose a t-shirt printing machine that could last longer with you.


You can mark your desired t-shirt printing machines on the above six factors. If your desired device results positive with all the factors mentioned above, then you can buy that machine. But in the case it doesn’t match with the above factors then you should go with another option. Always remember to choose the device such that it benefits you and your business in the long run.

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