7 Basic Car Buying Tips

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1. The end of the year around Christmas is a great time to purchase your new car. Auto dealerships are slow to move cars out during this season, so its a good time to get a great deal on a new car when dealerships are starving for a sale and will allow you more latitude in negotiating a great price. Even salesmen are willing to discount their commissions to get you to buy.

2. Another time of the year to get a great deal on a car is from July to October. Auto dealerships are quickly trying to move their inventory to make room for the new models.

3. A sound strategy when looking to buy a new car is purchasing online. If you’re not in a rush, simply bookmark the move auto kopen 45km you’re interested in, and look for rebates and incentives only offered to online purchasers. It’d be a good idea to get on the dealers mailing list to not miss any of their offers.

4. Be prepared when negotiating for a car loan and take your credit score with you. A common scam from dealerships is that your car loan was not accepted, and so you need to pay more money on the loan. Don’t believe it, and readily show them your credit score.

5. If you’re thinking of trading in your old car, try and pay any balance owed on it first. Dealerships are slow to pay the rest of the loan in a timely manner, and may result in you having to pay additional late fees to the bank. As a precaution, get the dealership to agree in writing that they must pay the balance on the car within 10 days.

6. Sometimes the new car you’re purchasing doesn’t have all the options you are looking for and must be ordered. The dealer is likely to ask you for a deposit of $500 – $1000 on the car. Be sure to pay with a credit card, so you have the ability to dispute the amount down the line if they should ask for a price increase and are asking for more money.

7. Lastly, be prepared and never wait until the last hour to buy a new car you need. Give yourself ample time to do research on the car you want, and shop around different dealerships and online dealers to get the best deal possible. Remember you’re in charge.


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