Check Point Certified Security Expert

Check Point Certified Security Expert


The Check Point certified security expert is a qualified professional with extensive skills and knowledge in the management and support of Check Point products and services. As a security expert, their experience includes installation and monitoring of VPN / firewall as a virtual security and virtual private network (VPN) solution, using encryption techniques to be implemented based on site requirements with remote access to VPNs.

It also makes it easy to configure content security by enabling Java blocking and antivirus filtering. The Check Point Security expert typically protects product and service information, such as design, planning, and security applications, as well as training exercises and a security certification program. Today, freelance opportunities are more prevalent in the marketplace where Certified Check Point Certified Check security experts can leverage their skills to improve their business.

Check Point Certified Security Expert Job Description and Responsibilities

Here are the duties of a CMEF professional in an organization:

  •         To manage security tasks, including firewalls, load balancer, NAC, logging, and other security hardware.
  •         To generate, review, and respond to event irregularities reports
  •         Assist with the growth and maintenance of security policies according to the needs of the client
  •         Awareness of security policies, procedures, and progress of enterprise security
  •         Provide a security capability for the client’s business
  •         The security expert must enable the secure exchange of data between the service provider and the enterprises.
  •         Assist in establishing and monitoring the compliance process
  •         Respond and review security and network alerts with a sense of urgency to detect and eliminate the cyber threat
  •         Plan and implement training for security and business awareness sessions
  •         Define security requirements and review procedures to determine if they are designed to meet defined security criteria. Improve new standards as requested by the company
  •         Analyze business requests, study and recommend solutions
  •         Create and manage relationships with suppliers and related device providers
  •         Performs other duties related to assigned work
  •         Perform the security assessment and provide the answer on the client’s website

Check Point Certified Security Expert Education and certification

To succeed in this field, you must have a critical degree in computer science, computer science, network technology, or a related field. Certification will add value as a professional.

Several certifications are useful for current analysts with continuing education, as well as other security specialists looking for security analysts.

Check Point Certified Security Expert Salary

According to Payscale, CCSE Salary is approximately US $ 109,000 per year or more, according to US experience. However, freelancing can also be rewarding and beneficial to advance your career. Those interested in self-employment should consult FieldEngineer.com for the best opportunities.


CCSE professionals demonstrate the skills and expertise of an employee to oversee and assist with Check Point security products within the organization. CCSE certification is established and led by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., a company with more than twenty years of experience in providing enterprise security products (such as firewalls, VPN security gateways, software solutions, and materials, etc.) businesses, consumers and service providers.

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