How to deal with WooCommerce Backorders | Create Backup

How to deal with WooCommerce Backorders | Create Backup

In this guide, we will show you the simplest ways to manage WooCommerce inventory backorders with the WooCommerce Calculated Delivery Date plugin and show your customers the correct delivery date. read along.

WooCommerce Backorders

When it involves managing inventory you want to wind up your toes to update the inventory stock standing for your product. This way shoppers cannot leave your store empty-handed. However, if your stock runs out, our shopkeepers can enforce your order, yet there is no remedy for us.

WooCommerce supports backorder on a product that is not available but is going to be there soon. In this manner, you can still enable your customers to place an order for that product and therefore fulfill your order as soon as the product becomes available.

Backup with a WooCommerce Shipping Cases with Backorders

Talking about a backorder, the owner of a US-based WooCommerce store, Ben has used a backorder to create some customers who still associate stock-orders with out-of-stock products. However, he needs to show different calculable dates to his customers as the product is about to hit the market in a very few days. And as soon as they are on the market, he will fulfill orders and stick to that with the WooCommerce shipping process.

Importance of displaying correct calculable delivery dates

Most of you may have dealt with the case, as shopkeepers were getting delivery dates on the cart page and later delays in delivery for some reason. Not having the ability to deliver the product on time is one of the worst cases despite the explanation for it.

Providing a collaborative estimate of three days of delivery time and delivering the product on the eighth or tenth day can attract customers. Therefore, the simplest possible way is to ensure that you are displaying the correct delivery dates to your customers.

In the next part, we will examine a complex computable delivery date plugin, which fully handles delivery dates for traditional orders, but still takes care of backorder delivery dates.


Since he needs different calculable delivery dates for his stock product as well as the product he needs to backorder, let’s see if he installs the WooCommerce countable delivery date plugin Will do.

This will generate the status of their cases in the following cases:


  • Set a calculable delivery date for all backorder products


This way the mountain will generate a great delivery date for the product that takes square measure on the backorder. This date will be different for different products.


  • Make a specific countable delivery date adjustment for all backorder products


In this way, the watch will generate a specific delivery date adjustment for all its backorder products. Not on top of choice, this adjustment is going to be normal for all products and may apply to all or any backorder products.

Set a calculable delivery date for all backorder products

Follow the steps below to line up an ardent calculable delivery date for all backorder products. Choose from the format of the subsequent delivery date:


  • Set date


As the product goes into backorder, it will enable you to choose the delivery date for your product


  • custom text


This will enable you to provide a custom text feature that can be displayed on the cart page, product page and checkout page.

Example: four to five weeks


  • Number of days to come


This will enable you to choose the additional delivery days it wants to fill the inventory. Recently added to the countable delivery date and will be displayed on the cart and checkout page.

  • Save the settings and visit the merchandise page.

Plugins Used:

The following plugins were used to produce the shipping status of the cases described in the article:

  • WooCommerce Countable Delivery Date Plugin

This plugin is one of the simplest plugins that can show calculated delivery dates on your web site. Towards that end, this plugin is additionally capable of supporting factors such as calculable delivery dates, destination addresses, shipping categories, shipping strategies and more. The even better part is, the plugin currently supports delivery date calculations, which have supported stock standing.

  • Estimated Delivery Date for Backorder Products

It is free of value plugins that work in favor of the WooCommerce calculable delivery date plugin to show delivery dates. The plugin handles the backend and displays the correct delivery dates that support your needs.

Final Thoughts

We all know whether it is necessary to show the correct order delivery dates to our customers, regardless of the available product class measurements. The WooCommerce calculable delivery date plugin will simply be on your WooCommerce store.

This helps you quickly calculate delivery dates and hence they are displayed on your web site. So, if you are nervous about the delivery date presented to your customers, try the WooCommerce Countable Delivery Date plugin nowadays.

If you want the convenience of adding WooCommerce shipping to your online store, be happy to contact our customer support. Our support team will help you set it up.

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