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How Technology is Going to Help Businesses | Trends in 2020

Technology In Business with Stafftimerapp

With the passage of time technology is helping us to reshape our lives as well as our businesses. It has a lot of impact on how the business is done and is also a major factor in its success. Technology is assisting the innovations, inventions, and discoveries. It is also evolving the trends and like it or not we as humans have to dance to the tune. We as entrepreneurs and businessmen are on the look for what the coming year has to offer. However, here we have predicted the biggest trend shift by technology and how we can utilize these opportunities. 

Contribution of AI & Machine learning

With the help of AI-powered algorithms, machines are taking over the role of humans. Although this trend has been kicked off long ago and it will be continued in 2020. Nevertheless, these machines are able to carry out mundane and dangerous tasks efficiently. It won’t be a surprise if these machines will cause unemployment in countries where labor is not that cheap. Businessmen and entrepreneurs should use technology to increase productivity among employees and managers by using AI-powered time management apps, and we should never stop learning if we need to keep cope up with time.    

Evolution in IoT

The one thing that is been buzzing all along 2019 and doesn’t seem to cool down any sooner is the internet of things or IoT. So what exactly IoT is going to do? IoT will participate in every task of your day, from waking you up with time management apps, getting your favorite coffee ready to optimizing your home lights. We still can’t imagine the revolution it will bring in the industrial world. However, we know it is going to make communication more efficient and will make work to be carried out more effectively and efficiently. IoT is going to affect all sectors of life from industrial to governmental. 

The Obvious Medical improvement

The collaboration of medical equipment and technology is on the path to creating robotic surgeries. With the help of this tech, surgeons won’t even have to be in the same room when surgery is performed. With the aid of 5G and zero latency, surgeons will be able to operate from distance with robotic hands. There is also a similar type of surgery, where a surgeon is in the same room, operating through a device but with the assistance of technology, the minimall-invasive procedure is conducted. That leaves patients less scarry and allows significantly less recovery time.

Pristine Extended Reality

Recently emerging extended reality known as XR is covering many new and upcoming technologies to create a more immersive experience. Being more specific, it is a mix of virtual and augmented reality. Where in VR user enters in a digital world and AR overlays digital objects in real-world through display screens. XR is the extension, where you will be able to interact with a digital object in the real world. For example, by XR you will be able to play a holographic piano which is placed through the AR headset. 

By 2020 we can expect all of this technology to get a grip in the business world. With all the wealth of exciting possibilities, AR and XR will offer new ways to interact with customers.

A glimpse of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is widely covered till now, even though if you’ll mention it in a non-tech environment you will probably receive blank looks. 2020 could be the year when this will change. For those who are unaware of this tech, it is basically a digital ledger. It consists of a list of the record, referred to as blocks that are linked using cryptography. Each link contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block.

In 2019 it was argued that this technology is not useful and is overhyped. Yet, the ongoing investment by infamous companies like IBM, FedEx, and Walmart has started to show its real-world results. If its true worth is proven, it won’t take time to be adopted by smaller players.

With plenty of innovations taking off out there, keeping up with these developments and trends is very important. By 2020, not only companies and businesses will need to be proactive but employees will also be needed to carry along.

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