Major Types of Equipment Available at National Plant & Equipment

Major Types of Equipment Available at National Plant & Equipment

Earthmoving equipment is commonly used in the construction sector. They are utilized for a wide array of earthworks such as grading soil, demolition works, digging trenches, removing rocks and dirt, and laying foundations.

Heavy earthmoving equipment is available for purchase and hire in Australia from National Plant & Equipment, which was founded by CEO, Mark Ackroyd. Such equipment is suitable for construction work of various sizes, from huge civil and commercial projects to the smallest home building. Many kinds of heavy equipment for construction are created for several functions that render them indispensable at construction sites.

The types of equipment available from National Plant & Equipment are as follows


They are huge construction equipment, which may be driven through wheels or tracks, but the standard feature tracks. A regular excavator features a long arm carrying a bucket connected to a hinging cab, which can rotate by 360 degrees. Sitting inside the cab, the operator has a good view of the construction site. These machines are very versatile and may be attached with unique features for special jobs.

Common uses of excavator include:

  • Excavating foundations, holes and trenches
  • Handling of material
  • Demolition
  • Brush cutting making use of hydraulic attachments
  • Pipe installation and heavy lifting
  • Rough grading
  • River dredging
  • Mining

Dump Trucks

They are required at all large job sites. They offer limited function but conduct the vital task of dumping and moving several kinds of heavy material. Being road-ready, they can transport material in and out of the site and can travel to all locations where big equipment is allowed.

Dump trucks are available in differing load needs, capacities, and sizes. They range from small utility kind of trucks featuring dumping beds to huge machines found in mining operations.


These are the most reliable and strongest equipment utilized in the industry for construction. The bulldozer is a heavy and powerful machine, which helps to transport dirt through open land tracts. It has a flat, wide blade at the front, which can be maneuvered using 2 hydraulic pistons. The blade can be moved in a small range of depths and angles.  It is typically used for rough/fine grading and pushing mounds of earth based on the bulldozer’s size. Its heavyweight aids in crushing big boulders and other such operations.

Motor Graders

They are heavy machines utilized to do fine grading. They can also be used to move small quantities of dirt. Graders feature a lengthy blade which may be adjusted for meeting certain angles for creating a level surface.  Graders may also be attached to another second blade above the front axle. These may be used for mining operations. Graders are used usually for fine-grading gravel or dirt roads or for preparing road before applying asphalt. They can also be used to make drainage ditches or sloped surfaces.

Backhoe Loaders

Referred often as backhoes, they have a body similar to a farm tractor and feature an adjustable shovel at the front and a bucket at the back for purposes of digging. They are considered medium-sized equipment for small jobs with the capacity to operate in limited space for performing different operations. Loaders are able to dig trenches and holes, backfill excavations, move dirt and put in place, pipes as well as other materials. A crucial feature of loaders is that they are wheel driven and can be used in cities. One can even drive them to the job site. The back bucket can be used in changing forms for digging trenches of varying widths.

Crawler Loaders

They are a combination of a backhoe loader and an excavator. They have tracks which are highly stable. They feature a versatile bucket that can be used to move debris and soil and load substances onto trucks. These loaders are also used for excavating in comparatively small projects. In the case of large scale work, the crawler loader is replaced by a hydraulic excavator.

These are some of the heavy earthmoving equipment on hire in the market. Mark Ackroyd has included them in his company’s fleet of equipment.

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