Photo Recovery Tips and Recommendations

Yes, you should have backed up your photo memory card or hard drive but you didn’t and now you need to recover your deleted photos. In this article I provide you with some recommendations after talking with photo recovery software engineers and researching various articles.

1. See if your device is being recognized
Plug in your device into your computer and see if your Windows or Mac operating system recognizes the device. If for example, Windows does not recognize the device (i.e. does not assign it a drive letter), that means that the problem is a HARDWARE problem. No software is going to solve this problem for you. Disconnect the device and take it out and go see a Odzyskiwanie danych Łódź service. Google: “data recovery service” to find one close to you. If your device is recognized, and Windows ask you to format it, say NO.

2. Stop Using Your Digital Camera or Corrupted Device Immediately
If you continue to use the device you lost your photos on, the device or digital camera can overwrite your old photos, causing you to lose the photo forever.

3. Do Not Reformat Your Device
Reformatting can result in your still recoverable images being overwritten. Further, reformatting may not solve the problem that occurred in the first place. Other activities not to do at this stage are: do not try to open the device and do not expose the storage media to extreme temperatures or strong magnetic fields

4. Choose a Recovery Software Tool
There are a number of Recovery Software applications. Make sure that the recovery software you consider is applicable for your digital media whether it is camera memory card, computer drive, cell phone memory card or any other device type and software application supports your format whether it is JPEG or other formats. Make sure you choose an application that works on the Operating System that you are using. We recently did a review and comparison of some of the leading tools and we found Adroit Photo Recovery to be the best performing.

5. Define the Features Important to You Before Selecting the Right Recovery Software
As I wrote in an earlier article, Adroit Photo Recovery offered by Digital Assembly can recover fragmented pictures that appear corrupted in other applications, using a technology called SmartCarving. Also Adroit allows you to preview what can be recovered before you buy the software. Once the photos has been recovered, Adroit Photo Recovery clearly marks in separate tab/areas what photos have been fully recovered, which photos are partially recovered and which are not deleted. As a result, the user does not have to guess or spend time examining each picture in detail to see if the picture was fully recovered or not. You know exactly what you are getting from the recovery. Adroit has other options such as advanced grouping that allows you to find and save specific pictures.

6. Backup your photos
Once burnt, you should now never ever forget to backup your photos. Make copies of your important photos manually or else use automated backup tools to regularly backup your photos, so you will not have to worry about tips 1 through 5.


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