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We see very well indeed the pressure that sorting out a birthday party for our little ones can cause. So much time is spent attempting to discover something that hasn’t been done a hundred times previously, freezing when they choose they need to welcome everyone they know and attempting to work it in with your family spending plan. Luckily, we’re here to help with the ideal choice!


Escape rooms aren’t only activities for grown-ups. At Can You Escape? we’ve had a lot of small operators go along to play, and our Games Masters have all had a lot of experience managing more youthful teams through their absolute first escape! In light of this, why not think about us for your youngster’s next huge day?


It’s something else


Become the coolest parent, as ever, by recommending something that not every person’s as of now done. Escape room Dubai is ideal for that dubious age gathering – unreasonably old for the commonplace party thoughts, however not exactly mature enough to bring the association into their very own hands. In addition, they’ll be having a great time while thinking carefully – it’s a success win!


It’s anything but difficult to book


It couldn’t be less difficult to book our rooms – simply head over to our ‘book presently’ page for either our setting on our site, pick your date and schedule vacancy, enter your subtleties, and it’s finished! On the off chance that you’d preferably address somebody first, basically connect and one of the team would be glad to support you. We can talk about any inquiries you may have and process the reserving for you, particularly in the event that you’d like to book both our rooms on the double for bigger gatherings.


We can offer different additional items as well; you can either print our party solicitations yourself or solicitation a few duplicates for a little additional charge. In case you’re hoping to incorporate some nourishment, despite the fact that we don’t offer this ourselves, we can unquestionably mastermind a table reserved for you with a family neighborly bar or eatery close by – connect to talk about the choices, as we can even get you some cash off your bill!


We can just have restricted numbers


Escape rooms work best with little teams, so there’s just a set number of individuals we take into every one of our games. This is phenomenal news while arranging a birthday party – as much as we would prefer not to forget about individuals, having a most extreme team size is the ideal reason to monitor numbers when drawing up the rundown of who to welcome!


Grown-ups get the chance to have a great time as well


Our proposals at Can You Escape? is that specialists younger than 12 would presumably profit by a grown-up aide going into the room as well. In any case, this is only a rule and is totally up to the grown-up in control. Our Games Masters will consistently be available to provide any additional insight at whatever point required, and we can likewise change a portion of our riddles to suit the age gathering!


In the event that you do think a grown-up assistant is fundamental, don’t surrender. As guardians, we frequently prefer to ensure that birthday party in Dubai are as peaceful for the grown-ups as would be prudent, so securing them a room with a gathering of sensitive little youngsters probably won’t appear the best thought from the start. Notwithstanding, we generally locate that grown-up aides can’t resist stalling out in and wind up leaving as glad as the children!

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