The Real Reason Why Women Have Affairs

Gone are the days where only men cheated on their spouses, more and more women are having affairs and people are now asking why the turn of events. Women have affairs not for the thrill of cheating; it is because they have a need that they are not getting at home.

Women have a need to feel wanted and desired. Remember when you started dating and you use to complement her on her appearance. Now you barely notice if she got her hair cut, bought a new outfit or even put on make-up. Women are seeking some sort of assurance that they are still attractive and when you do not give it to them believe me some sweet talking man will.

Women have sexual needs to, when they are not getting them at home eventually they will go look for it in other places. Women have fantasies and even though they do not talk to you about them; they are there. Ask your wife if she ever has fantasies, she may be taken back by this conversation but eventually she will open up and you will be able to rekindle a spark that has been missing.

Women do not want to feel like everything they do at home is wrong. If you do nothing but criticize your wife; eventually she will look for an outlet that makes her feel as if she is doing something right. Her boss or co-worker could be telling her what a great job she is doing at work and the next thing you know that relationship has turned into physical relationship because this other man has made her feel that she can do something right after all.

Most women that have facebook 出会い their husband and children; they just have a need for something that they are not getting at home. They do not search for single men unless they are ready to end the marriage, those who have affairs seek out married men or other women. This way there is no emotional attachment it is strictly sex. When most women have, affairs they do not tell anyone not even their best friend because they know that when other women get mad they tend to talk about what they know.


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