Tips to finish cbse question paper for class 9 maths on time


 Generally, most of the students consider mathematics as a tough subject. They face lots of problem in completing class 9 maths papers due to the long and tricky calculations used in maths questions. Students generally lose confidence inside the exam halls and get panic due to which they are unable to incomplete the paper on time. Sometimes it happens, students leave few questions that can be solved easily but due to poor time management, they unable to complete their paper and this leads to disappointment.

Below we have summed up a few tips that will help you in completing cbse question paper for class 9 maths correctly on time.

Examination Pattern

If you want to write maths exams smoothly then the most important thing is to know the exam pattern by practising previous years question papers that will make you familiar with the structure of question paper. Along with the pattern you will also come to know about the marking scheme. This will help you in deciding which question to attempt first based on their marks criteria. If you already know the exam pattern then on the exam day you will not lose your confidence and save some of your crucial time.


After knowing the exam pattern, the next step is to prepare the strategy for the final exam. Identify the number of questions and their types and the marks assigned to different types of questions in the final exam. Start practising class 9 maths worksheets, practice questions at the end of every chapter and previous year’s questions for building more confidence and analyzing types of questions mostly asked in the CBSE maths exam. Do the proper time division so that you can finish your exam well on time. In the end save some time for revising the whole paper, checking the solution of complex questions and then try to attempt unanswered questions.

Use every minute effectively

During exam time, every minute is precious. Every student should use his/her every minute effectively and wisely. CBSE provides 15 minutes of reading time before students start writing their exams. Students must use this 15 minutes wisely in preparing a strategy for writing the exam properly. This is the time when students can categorize the questions as per their difficulty criteria. They can decide which question to attempt first and which one at the last. In these 15 minutes, they can create a rough plan to attempt all the questions smoothly and accurately.

Don’t worry about complex problems

CBSE maths question paper consists of both simple and complex questions. While solving the paper students find few questions tough that lose their confidence and affect their performance. It is advised to every student start with the easier problems and as they will proceed further with correct answers they will start gaining confidence in solving complex problems as well. With the help of continuous practice of tough questions before the exam, you will save yourself from anxiety.

If you do not want to forget what you have prepared and want to finish your maths exams correctly before time then follows the above-mentioned tips.


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