Top 5 Tallest Skyscrapers In The World:

tallest skyscrapers

As you know human nature is very greedy. When they need to accomplish, they want larger and larger. Similarly, the first tallest skyscraper human-made in Egypt’s pyramid. Soon humans will again start to think big and will have wanted to build bigger than Egypt pyramid. Finally, they made the Burj Khalifa building which is in Dubai with 828-meter hight. 

And the competition has been started among countries. Since then the human has been developed many buildings which are higher than the Pyramid. We included each one of them is China’s Shanghai Tower, Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower, Ping An Finance Center, Goldin Finance and Lotte World Tower.

So if we talk about North America, it had 75 percent tallest buildings 20 years ago. But in the 21st century, this record goes in favor of Asia and the Middle East. Also, see their location and the height they have. Skyscrapers have the fastest lift that lifts you from the bottom of the skyscraper to the top. Plenty of office spaces are available inside skyscrapers.

Abode318 Australia

it is the most beautiful and tallest skyscraper in the world. Abode is famous for its unique wave-like design which is built by Elenberg Fraser and Disegno. This building has included 450 flats. 

Willis Tower Chicago

Willis Tower construction was completed in 1973 and it is the most famous and iconic skyscrapers in Chicago. people also named as Sears Tower.

Let’s see tallest skyscrapers in New York

Position Rank Building Names Building Images Height Floors Time Notes
1 One World Trade Center tallest skyscrapers 1,776 foot (541) meter 104 2014 It is the 6th highest skyscraper in the world and the tallest building in New York City and in the US. 
2 432 Park Avenue tallest skyscrapers 1,400 feet(426) meter 96 2015 One of the tallest residential skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere; 3rd-tallest building in New York and the United States. 
3 30 Hudson Yards 1,296feet  (395) meter 73 2019 It will open in  15, 2019
4 Empire State Building tallest skyscrapers 1,250feet  (381)meter 102 1931  This building was designed by Shreve, Lamb & Harmon and developed in 1931 and  5th tallest building in New York and the US.
5 Bank of America Skyscraper tallest skyscrapers 1,200 feet (366) meter 55 2009 This building situated at Bryant Park and 30th-tallest skyscraper in the world, 6th-tallest structure in the United States; the first skyscraper to receive a Platinum LEED certification

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Q.1 What will be the tallest building in the future?

And Jeddah Tower.


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